3 Transformation Lies to AVOID

Jan 14, 2019



As I reflect over the year, I realize that there are 3 major lies that people tell themselves that STOPS them from making their fitness goals a reality.

The reason why I consider these three things to be “lies” is that they are too flaky by design and seasonal at best. They don’t offer any true structure, direction, or clarity of what needs to be done to reach your goal.

Lie #1. Desire
Desire is overrated! By definition, desire is a strong feeling, longing, craving, and/or strong wish for the attainment or possession of something. The problem with desire is that it is fleeting. It is true that desire is most often what gets you started on your path but seldom is it what keeps you on the path long enough to actually realize your fitness goal. So relying on your desire to be what keeps you continually going is a sure fire way to fail in your fitness endeavors.

Lie #2. Good intentions
January, February, and March of every year are full of “good intentions”. We see the commercials, we say the sayings, the vision boards are made, the bad food is thrown out, etc etc etc. But unfortunately, 95% of the people who resolved to make this year the year they were going to take back their body and health, quit. This is an unfortunate, but very true, reality. Well-wishes and hopes for a better body sound good but produce very little, if any, actual results.

Lie #3. Perfect timing
I’ll say this plainly. There is no such thing as the perfect time to start taking better care of yourself. Far too often people want to wait for the stars to align and for everything to be in order before they commit to taking care of their health. And for some odd reason we often think January of the New Year is this time. But the truth is there’s always going to be something. There always going to be a child’s athletic game you have to attend, a work conflict, a sick family member, inclement weather, just not feeling like it today, etc. So to hope for otherwise can put the attainment of your goal off indefinitely.

The Big But
These three by themselves are pretty much useless and ineffective in really attaining your goal, BUT they are extremely powerful when coupled with other elements or thought processes.

Desire must be met and hardened with Discipline

Good Intentions must be met and filtered through a Quantifiable Goal Oriented Plan of Action

Perfect timing must be met with the mindset of “Let me do the best I can with what I have right now”

Let’s face it…all the desire, good intentions, and perfect timing in the world goes out the window when it’s pouring down rain outside, it’s cold, you stubbed your toe on your bed frame getting dressed in the dark to get to the gym, and you end up wasting an extra 10 minutes searching for your car keys.

The Truth
The truth is desire is short-lived, good intentions don’t get you out of bed in the early am when your alarm goes off to wake up but it feels like your pillow and warm blankets are sweet-talking you to stay in bed just a little while longer, and perfect timing is a fairy tale. The reality is you don’t need a complete overhaul to start making progress. Transforming your body is about progress, not perfection. Direction is more important than speed. It’s about staying power. It’s about emotional stability. It’s about turning desire into consistency by choosing to commit long-term to make time for yourself. It’s about turning your good intention into a plan of action that’s realistic and quantifiable. It’s about creating time to reach your idea of fit and healthy vs waiting for your calendar to be clear and free.

So stop lying to yourself. You are worth making time for TODAY, not tomorrow. If you have the Desire and Good intention, allow yourself to set your goals and commit to transforming your body one workout at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time.

-Coach T

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