TruBody Transformation Story: Jaime

Jun 17, 2018


Every member has a success story…
Check out Jaime’s Story below.
Transformation isn’t a destination–rather it’s a series of moments that change your way of thinking, forms new habits and creates a map that leads to your goal.

Here at TruBody, we like to take the time to highlight the transformation journeys of our MVPs. Just like you, each story is different but a testament to the incredible will and commitment it takes to push towards their goals.

“My outlook on exercising, weight loss, and health has changed exponentially. I can do it. I am capable, I am strong, I am determined, and I AM WORTH IT!!!
Her TruBody Experience…
“There just aren’t enough words to describe how fortunate I feel to have found my place at TruBody Wellness. The coaches and the entire environment there is meant for you. To help you realize, work toward, and achieve your health goals.”
“Before finding my home at TruBody Wellness I felt horrible on a daily basis. My weight kept me physically held back while crippling me mentally and emotionally. I so dearly wanted to be the mom at the park running and playing with her kids. Jogging alongside them as they learned how to ride a two-wheeler or going on a roller coaster with them to prove mommy isn’t “too old” to still have fun. However, I couldn’t do those things. My physical self couldn’t keep up, couldn’t endure. My body wouldn’t allow me to enjoy life. Then, from there, came feelings of depression, that just led to more emotional eating, then guilt about what I was doing to myself and my family. The whole vicious cycle continued for years and years. There were occasional, short lived periods of time when I’d say I was fed up with being overweight and I’d make a feeble attempt at being more active, eating healthier, etc… But that always went by the wayside rather quickly. The excuses ranged from it’s too hard to lose weight, I don’t have the time to workout or my life is busy enough I can’t add anything else to my to do list. I used any and every excuse to try and justify why I felt, and looked, the way I did. Until the day I saw an ad on Facebook for a TruBody wellness 6 week weight loss challenge. There was something in that ad that resonated with me. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t like anything about me. I wanted to feel better, look better, and do better for my children, my husband and in large part, for Me. I’ve spent the last twenty years always putting others first no matter what. As a wife and mother, that’s what we do right? How are we supposed to care for, and nurture our family if we don’t care for, and nurture ourselves? I made a choice then and there, No More Excuses! I contacted TruBody through the ad and made an appointment to meet Coach T and talk about what my fitness goals were and how I would achieve them. I was so nervous walking into TruBody the first time, but that feeling soon left. Coach T spoke to me about everyone at TruBody Wellness being a family, his passion for helping people feel better, do better, and live better lives. I then told Coach about myself, my family, and what I wanted for the future. I saw how he was really listening to my story. I could tell he truly wanted to help me, help myself. So, I made up my mind at that moment to take a leap of faith, to trust in what I felt, and I signed up for a weight loss challenge. The first class had me thinking, “Oh my God, Can I really do this?” I was elated, and relieved, when I made it through the class without passing out, or quitting. My “spaghetti legs” made it difficult to get to my car, but I made it. I then sat there, and cried. Not for any other reason than, I did it. I knew in my heart I found a place for me. I belonged there, I fit there. After the initial couple weeks of working out and following the meal plan I noticed I was sleeping more soundly, I didn’t feel swollen anymore and I could move easier. I was walking faster through stores, and I found my desire to indulge in unhealthy snacks and foods diminished. My lower back pains are completely gone, and dare I say it, I actually enjoy working out and eating healthfully!! Two months ago those words would have never come from me. So, I completed my first 6 week challenge, finishing in the top 4, and then signed up for another weight loss challenge at TruBody Wellness.”
Stay tuned…her journey is far from over!
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